Moran’s one-source service means cost-effective distribution of your merchandise to its intended destination. Moran’s distribution capabilities ensure secure warehousing, accurate product management, and on-time delivery.

To reduce high destination labor costs, Moran can conveniently pick and pack the items needed to fill your customers’ specific orders. Consolidation can also be performed in accordance with your specific requirements, enabling hassle-free direct shipping.

server_room_pictMoran’s inventory management capabilities allow us to keep a watchful eye on the progress of your merchandise and give you easy 24-hour access to your account. With complete computerized and bar-coded inventory systems powered by SSA Global, we can instantly track merchandise quantity and warehouse location. We can also install a link in your facility which permits easy access to real-time inventory tracking.

Located just minutes from ten different L/T/L carriers, Moran’s facilities are ideally positioned to provide immediate and reliable delivery. Additionally, our industry experiences with major retail chain stores gives us the know-how and familiarity needed for smooth order processing and successful delivery. “Whatever It Takes,” Moran will make sure your merchandise reaches its destination exactly as intended.

To learn more about Moran’s Distribution Services, call or email us today!