Indoor Rail

Moran’s Watsontown and Mechanicsburg facilities offers a unique opportunity to companies with their indoor rail capabilities. Watsontown’s indoor rail allows up to 11 box cars and Mechanicsburg’s allows up to 15 cars to be loaded or unloaded in a sheltered environment. Thus, offering additional protection to your valuable commodities. Additionally, with today’s concerns regarding fuel costs, rail offers your company an affordable option.

pulp-handling-with-toyota-clampTOTAL OF 12 RAIL SIDINGS capable of:
• Williamsport: 11 Spots
• Sunbury: 19 Spots
• Watsontown: 26 Spots
• Mechanicsburg: 25 Spots

There is storage for up to 28 cars at the Watsontown facility and 30 cars at the Williamsport facility.

The Mechanicsburg, Sunbury, and Watsontown rails are accessible from the Norfolk Southern Main Line and at Williamsport, from the North Shore Line.

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